Mandai officially known as Mahathma Phule Mandai is the biggest vegetable market in Pune City, India. It is located in heart of Pune in Shukrawar Peth area. This series of pictures are of the vendors and people of the Mandai.

The market is located next to Tulsi Baugh which is another big market in Pune. It supplies vegetables, fruits and articles for Pooja (Hindu worship). The market was built by the British government during the Indian pre-independence era.
It has about 526 stalls of fruits and vegetables. The market is always crowded because fruits and vegetable are available at lower cost than other places in the city, but is most crowded on weekends and holidays. The market has its own Ganesh Mandal during Ganesh Festival and is one of the most famous in Pune andMaharashtra. The proposed skywalk will run on four sides of the market.

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